What To Do If Your HVAC System Is Impacted By Flooding

Hurricane season is right around the corner and one thing we have to be extremely careful about in Florida is how we should respond if our home is affected by flooding. In Florida we know that we can be affected by flooding from anything ranging from a heavy rainstorm to a tropical storm to a hurricane. It is important for you to know the proper steps to take to both prepare for flooding and to recover from flooding that has affected our HVAC system.

Turn off all electrical switches and gas valves

This is the number one priority before you or anyone in your family reenters your home after a major storm and flooding. You won’t know for sure what electrical damage may have occurred as a result of the flooding, so you want to make sure all power is shut off for electrical switches and gas valves to keep you and your family safe! You should keep the power to your HVAC system shut off until it is able to be professionally inspected by a trained technician.

Let your equipment completely dry out

If your HVAC system was flooded and any part of it was underwater, you will want to make sure you give it enough time to completely dry out before you take any further action. A wet or damp system can be dangerous to work on.

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Have your HVAC system professionally inspected

This is one area where you will want to be sure to call a professional before you take any further action on your own. You should contact an experienced and qualified technician to come inspect your HVAC system to assess any damage and necessary repairs prior to turning your system back on. Damage that may have occurred as a result of flooding is not always easily visible so it is best to have a trained professional inspect your equipment first!

Be sure to use caution when selecting your technician for your HVAC inspection. During times like these there will unfortunately be more opportunists looking to make a quick buck and you will want to make sure that the technician you select is properly trained, certified, and licensed.

Be patient! After a major storm there may be a lot of devastation and a lot to get done, but you want to make sure that it is done right and not just in a rush. The power company may tell you it is okay to go ahead and resume power at your home, but if your HVAC system was affected by the flooding you will need to still keep the power cut off from your system until it has been properly inspected by a professional.

What Can I Expect From The Technician During The Inspection?

  • Your technician will ask how deeply your home was flooded and how long your equipment was underwater. They will also ask if your equipment was running during the flood event.
  • Your technician will inspect heating and cooling electrical components.
  • Your technician will remove flood-residue from coils.
  • Your technician will check all connections, on both your indoor and outdoor units, and control circuits.
  • Your technician will clean, dry, and disinfect the refrigerant system if it is not damaged.
  • If you have a gas system, your technician will check the gas valves and ductwork.
  • Your technician will identify any components of your system that need to be repaired or will recommend a system replacement, if necessary.

In this devastating time, we want you to know that we are here for you and your family! If you aren’t confident in doing any of this yourself, or if you would just prefer the reassurance of knowing you had a professional on your side, contact EasyBreezy A/C today. We can help take one stressful item off your plate and get your HVAC system running normally once again.


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Last modified on December 7th, 2022 at 2:25 pm

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