Tips For Saving On Heating Cost This Winter

Florida “winter” is approaching and although it may not get to freezing temperatures, it does get a bit chilly – enough to turn on the heat. Having to turn on the heat also means a larger energy bill, maybe enough to make you cringe at the idea of turning up the thermostat. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you reduce your energy costs these coming months and keep your bank accounts happy.

Go natural

One of the best sources of heat in the world today is the sun. It is also available for free!  Instead of increasing your energy bill, why not open up to the sun for warmth?  It is time to open your southward windows to allow the sun to streak into the home. You can keep the heat boxed up in the home by closing the windows when the sun goes down for the day.

Go for warm accessories

Wearing warm clothing (long sleeves, pants, sweaters, etc.) while inside can help save your energy bill. Instead of reaching for the heat control, why not reach for a warm pair of socks and winter sweaters? These accessories will keep you warm and cozy at no additional cost.  When sleeping at night, cover yourself up with heavy blankets instead of turning up the heat. Furthermore, you can insulate the floor by laying area rug on it.


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Ceiling fans to the rescue

You can reduce your heating bill by increasing airflow and improve the ventilation in the home.  This can be achieved by modifying the operation of your ceiling fan. Clockwise movement of the ceiling fan will help to trap heat inside your home, and this will effectively keep the home interior warm during the winter months. You can push the hot air back down gently by turning your ceiling fan on a low setting.

Turn down your thermostat

One other way to keep your energy bill in check is by adjusting your thermostat while you are not home. Before you go to work, turn the thermostat down by about 15 degrees and leave it at this new temperature setting for about eight hours. The U.S. Department of Energy claimed that this adjustment could reduce your energy bill by up to 10%! If you have a programmable thermostat, you can program it to do the work for you and even set it to raise the temperature for when you get home.

Not all rooms may require heating

You do not need to heat all the rooms in your home during the cold months. Why not limit the heating to those rooms you use in the home. When you are retiring for the night into your bedroom, why not turn off the heating for other rooms and heat only the bedroom? You can seal off the vents in any room you are not using for more efficient use of energy in the home. You can save up to 8% of your monthly energy bill this way.

Keep the heating system sparkling clean 

Finally, you can reduce your energy consumption by ensuring proper and consistent maintenance of your vents and heating system. Never forget to check the filter ever 1 to 3 months and don’t hesitate to replace a dirty filter more often. If it has been awhile since your systems last tune up, call us for an appointment and ensure your system is in proper working order.

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Last modified on December 14th, 2022 at 10:43 am

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