How Your Home’s Temperature Affects Your Sleep Quality And Mood

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We all know that spending time outdoors in the sun is generally good for our overall health and well-being. And luckily for us, living in the Tampa Bay area, Florida, provides us with nearly limitless opportunities to spend time outdoors soaking up the sun in any number of activities. But you have also probably experienced the grumpiness that accompanies someone who has spent too much time outdoors on a hot day.

As it turns out this shift in mood is no coincidence as temperature, especially heat, has a significant impact on our overall mood and the quality of sleep that we get. Here is what you should know about your home’s temperature, air quality and how it can affect your overall mood and sleep quality:


Temperature And Sleep Quality

In order to get good quality sleep each night our bodies need to be at a comfortable temperature – not too hot or too cold. Generally speaking, it is estimated that the best temperature for your thermostat to be set at for optimal sleep is between 60- and 67-degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, the temperatures in Florida are usually much higher than this almost all year long. If your air conditioning system breaks down on a day that the temperature outside is above the optimal range for sleep, the temperature on the inside of your home will begin to rise quickly.

If the temperature in your home is not within the range needed for optimal sleep, it could impact the quality of your sleep so much that you would actually need 2 more hours of sleep than usual to feel just as rested as any other night. This means it is important for your air conditioning unit to be working properly to keep your home cool and allow you to get a good night’s sleep every night.


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Temperature And Mood

A combination of exposure to excessive heat and the resulting effects it has on getting a restful night’s sleep leads to a decrease in mood. The impact heat has on our mood is a natural effect of being uncomfortable and tired. Anytime we are uncomfortable or tired, we are naturally more sensitive, edgy, and grumpy. This shift in our mood in combination with being uncomfortable and tired can also lead us to make decisions we wouldn’t normally make such as acting out violently or consuming more alcohol than usual.

If your home’s air conditioning system breaks down, especially on one of our warmer and more humid spring or summer days, you will surely notice the affects the heat has on yourself and your family within a very short period of time.

Don’t let your home’s temperature affect the quality of sleep you get each night or your overall mood. Contact EasyBreezy A/C today to schedule your next AC maintenance check-up, or to schedule any necessary repairs. We will make sure your air conditioning system is operating at its maximum efficiency to ensure a comfortable home for you and your family.


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Tip Top Shape: Running Your AC For Maximum Efficiency

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One of the most important things you can do to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly and efficiently is to keep up with the proper maintenance of your HVAC ducts and air filters.     There may be a few things that are causing your air filter to become dirty faster than expected, including how you are running and maintaining your HVAC system.


Table Of Content:
  1. Filter Maintenance
  2. Filter Quality
  3. Leaking Air Ducts
  4. Fan Setting


  1. Filter Maintenance

Most HVAC systems suggest the filter should be changed from once a month to every two or three months in order to keep your system running efficiently.    This will depend on a number of factors, such as how often you use your system and how many contaminants you have in the home.

EasyBreezy AC professionals recommend you mark your air filter changes on a calendar in order to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule and ensure you don’t miss any needed changes.

  1. Filter Quality

There are many options available when choosing which type of air filter to use.     Low quality filters tend to be less expensive, so they can be tempting to buy. However, if you are not choosing one of a good quality, it is not likely to last as long before needing to be changed.     

Air filter quality is measured by a MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) – the higher the MERV ranking is, the more efficient it is likely to be.     While low-price filters may be less-expensive, it is important to remember that they will likely last a shorter amount of time before needing to be changed, adding up in cost in the long-run and affecitng your air quality.

In most homes, air filters with a low MERV rating should be changed about every 30 days, so they are only a good option if you intend to keep up with the maintenance schedule.


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  1. Leaking Air Ducts

Another issue that could be affecting how quickly your air filters are becoming dirty is when your system has leaking air ducts.     Leaking air ducts cause dust and other airborne contaminants to be pulled into your unit from areas that are used less and are often dirtier than the rest of your home, such as the attic.     Not only does this mean your system’s air filters will become clogged and dirty more quickly, but it also means your system as a whole will run less efficiently and use up more energy.

If you suspect you have leaking air ducts or want to confirm they are intact and functioning efficiently, contact our EasyBreezy AC Air Duct Specialist to help.

  1. Fan Setting

Your system’s thermostat will provide you with two different fan settings to choose from – “on” and “auto.”    When you choose to set your system’s fan to the “on” setting,  it will run continuously until you turn it off.    When you set it to the “auto” setting, the fan will turn on and off automatically as it cycles through each heating or cooling cycle.     By setting your thermostat to “auto,” your system will be able to run and process through the airborne contaminants coming into your unit more efficiently.

If you have any questions or need to schedule a regular maintenance check, contact our specialists today!


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Are You Overworking Your Furnace This Winter?

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Overworking Your Furnace This Winter

Florida and Tampa Bay area winters are mild compared to the vast majority of the United States – but that doesn’t mean we don’t crank up the heat when the temperatures dip into the 40s and 50s (or for some, the 60s!). But have you stopped to check your thermostat settings before turning on the heat? If not, you could be overworking your furnace – and draining your wallet.


Understanding Your Thermostat Settings

Most people understand the basics of a thermostat – you adjust the temperature to have the ac or heat run at a desired level and the HVAC system kicks on and gets to work. Some even program their thermostat to maintain specific temperatures throughout the day.

There is something many individuals miss – the fan setting.

The fan runs with both the AC and the heat settings. It is the HVAC system’s blower, the device that circulates the hot/cold air through your home. There are two settings at which the fan can or will run:

  • ON: Whether or not your HVAC system is heating (or cooling) the air, this setting leaves the blower on 24/7. Which means the blower is constantly working to circulate the air through your home.
  • AUTO: This setting tells the blower only to circulate the air when the AC or furnance is actively working to cool/warm the air.

The Problem With ON

If your fan setting is turned to ON, then your blower is working non-stop. Which means it is using energy all day long – something that will not only drive your bill up but will put extra wear and tear on your HVAC system. In addition, having your thermostat fan setting to ON is a bit of a waste in general – according to Energy Star, at least 20% (but up to 30%) of a home’s air is lost through leaks in the duct work.

This loss in air can result in your HVAC system not registering the home warm or cool enough according to the temperature set on the thermostat and kick on another warming/cooling cycle sooner than it should be. Further increasing the energy consumed by your HVAC unit and your energy usage.

AUTO helps to minimize wear and tear while still occasionally circulating the air when needed. With minimal air loss throughout the day, your HVAC system won’t be working nearly as hard while till managing to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


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Extra Tip

For individuals with allergies, pets in the home, or those trying to improve their indoor air quality through increased air circulation, check your thermostat for a fan setting for “CIRCULATE”. Not all thermostats have it, but if yours does, it enables you to run your blower for a short one-time cycle or intermittently to cycle the air through your HVAC system; cleaning it through the air filter. It helps to circulate the air more often than AUTO but not as constantly as it does when set to ON.

However, if you do not see the problem clearly or none of these tips helped you to solve your furnace problem, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about it!


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How-to Tips For AC Use In Florida Winter

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Winter is just around the corner! You are almost ready – how about your air conditioning unit? Check out our important tips you can take so as to ensure the best performance of your unit in the next summer season!


Table Of Content:
  1. Check And Replace The Air Filter
  2. Change The Thermostat Settings
  3. Give The AC System A Thorough Cleaning
  4. Don’t Forget The Ducts
  5. Cover Your Unit
  6. Change Worn-Out Components
  7. Maintain A Consistent Temperature
  8. Schedule A Maintenance Check Up


How to prepare your AC for Winter


  1. Check And Replace The Air Filter

When was the last time you look over the filter of your AC unit? Cleaning the filter is specifically crucial if you run the unit often. The filter’s purpose is to ensure healthy air and good airflow as well as prevent and protect air conditioning from breaking down. This will also save your energy costs. Replace the air filter at least every two months, preferably every month. We recommend changing your filter every time you get your power bill. It is an easy reminder that it has been a month.


  1. Change The Thermostat Settings

In order to enjoy electricity savings and home comfort during winter months, consider programmable thermostats. A programmable thermostat allows you to set humidity and temperature according to the weather condition and to your schedule

  1. Give The AC System A Thorough Cleaning

Winter can cause debris and leaves to accumulate around or on your AC system. Debris is responsible for minimizing the flow of air and can lead to other issues. Give the exterior casings, inner coils, and other frequently used parts a rigorous cleaning before the wind gets chilling. Another important air-conditioning component you should thoroughly clean is the outdoor condenser.



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  1. Don’t Forget The Ducts

Dirt and debris, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens can get stuck in the air ducts, contributing to a dangerous living environment. You are likely putting yourself at risk for health issues (e.g., hay fever flare-ups) if you are sensitive to allergens or contaminants. Therefore, it is hard to overlook the importance of getting your air ducts clean. Cleaning your ducts can also help reduce odors in your home.

  1. Cover Your Unit

There are two benefits associated with a covered air conditioning unit: (1) keep your system from freezing rain, winds, and animals; and (2) prevent thieves who might be looking for air conditioning units to ransack for copper wiring. Your local store will give you lots of options to choose from.

  1. Change Worn-Out Components

If you want your unit to work smoothly and efficiently year-round, most especially in the cool months, now is the right time to replace parts that are worn-out or have outdated. Assuming the AC you own is more than five years old already, have it inspected by an HVAC professional. Any parts or damages will be detected to do replacement before a major issue arises.

  1. Maintain A Consistent Temperature

As much as possible, avoid big temperature changes. Otherwise, you will notice a big spike in your energy bills. Consider using a ceiling fan or turning off your AC during cool nights or days. Aside from reducing the work of your air conditioning, it is also an excellent way for improving your overall comfort.

  1. Schedule A Maintenance Check Up

Preventive maintenance is one of the great solutions to protect air conditioning units from potentially expensive repairs. Spending a little bit now on an annual maintenance checkup means saving plenty by avoiding costly repairs later. Most companies or AC service providers offer new duct systems and replacement of air conditioning and heating equipment aside from preventive maintenance, so if there is an issue, they can easily get to work.


Winter is a perfect time to get warm inside and do things you love most, such as cooking your favorite food and having movie marathon – all with the warm air coming from your HVAC unit. Take advantage of the season while it lasts!

Lastly, if you want to know more about this topic, do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about it!


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What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat To While Away?

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What temperature should you set your thermostat to while away? Well, that depends, mostly on preference and goal. Here are some tips from the professionals at EasyBreezy A/C.

Before we begin, the most important step is: Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

There is actually no perfect home temperature no matter what the season is or whether you are away or not – that mostly depends on the demands of homeowners. But if you want to make adjusting temperature less hassle on your part, consider what a programmable thermostat can do for you and always remember to hire professionals in AC.

It enables you to set different temperatures all through the day, depending on various factors such as when you are home, when the house is empty, the time of the day, and the weather condition. Simply plug it, the programmable thermostat allows you to “set and forget.” You can even control the temperature through your tablet or smartphone with most programmable thermostats sold these days.


Now the tips:


What should be your thermostat setting when you are away for business or a holiday vacation?

Well, you do not want your unit to be completely off with no air movement. BUT, you also do not want to leave the AC running at full blast, cooling the house when no one is there to enjoy it. There is a Goldilocks zone in the middle.

If your trip is in the middle of summer or even in the early warmer months, set your thermostat closer to 80° F. This will help you to save energy (and subsequently, money on your cooling bill) while you are away. If you have a programmable thermostat, you don’t have to wait for your home to cool down until after you get home. Adjust the thermostats settings so that it begins to cool off about an hour before you get home.

As for vacations in the winter, Florida doesn’t get many consistently cold days – at least not until January, so set your thermostat to auto so it can switch to heat or cooling as needed and keep the cooling around 78° and the heat around 64°. Since you won’t be home, it won’t need to kick on as much while you are gone.


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What temperature should I set my thermostat in the summer and spring?

During summer and spring seasons, the temperature increases in the home just as it does outside, which can make it extremely uncomfortable without the air conditioner running. However, it can be costly for keeping our home cool during the extreme heat of Florida summer. This is where thermostat setting comes very beneficial as it can help us save more in our energy bills but still manage to be comfortable while at home.

When you’ll only be gone during the day, you can program your thermostat to adjust while you are gone to a few degrees warmer and then begin cooling again when you are on your way home from work. Just like while on vacation, there is no need to have heir air conditioner working overtime when you aren’t home to enjoy it.

When you are home, your temperature can be set to personal preference but if your cooling bill is too high, consider rising your normal temperature up 2 or 3 degrees. Even a small change can make an improvement on your energy bill.


What temperature should I set my thermostat in the winter and fall?

The ideal temperature range during winter is from 60-65 °F, though, most people prefer 68 degrees.
The best temperature during the winter will really be your preference but if cutting down costs or energy usage is your goal, then lowering the temperature for your heater will help lower your bills.

If these tips helped you to solve your A/C problem, you want more orientation or you want request a service, please do not hesitate tocontact us to receive more information about it!


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What Is The Best Temperature To Set Your Thermostat At?

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Having the right room temperature can improve our productivity, increase the effectiveness of our studying, and even make us happier. So, it really is important to pick the perfect temperature in your home or office. EasyBreezy AC explains you why.


Improved Productivity

There has been a lot of research conducted in hopes of determining the best working conditions for increasing employee productivity. One major study was conducted by Cornell University at a large Florida insurance company in which they tested different office temperatures and productivity, and what they found was that “when temperatures were low (around 68 degrees Fahrenheit) employees made 44% more mistakes than at optimal room temperatures (between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit).

The study points out that the problem is not only that you are physically cold, but also that you are distracted when in cooler temperatures as your brain is using a substantially larger amount of energy to try to keep warm. This means there is now a lot less energy for your brain to apply towards concentration, inspiration, and focus.

This problem also applies if the room is above 78 degrees Fahrenheit and the room temperature is too warm. Being in a room that is too warm can make you feel tired and sleepy, as your brain is using much more energy to try to cool your body down. Without the optimal room temperature in our work environments, it can be difficult for us to relax, concentrate, complete our work, and form new ideas.

Maintaining the right room temperature can also have a significant effect in the workplace if you work in a retail or service industry, as it affects the customer experience as well. Again, the retail and service environments are one in which keeping a moderate room temperature – not too hot and not too cold – is important to maximizing employee productivity and profits.

Although research has found that customers are more likely to be willing to pay more for the same products when they are in warmer temperatures than when they are in cooler temperatures, research has also found that customers are less likely to be willing to stay in a shopping environment if it feels too warm and stuffy.


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Improved Mood And Happiness

The same part of our brain that is responsible for recognizing warmth or coolness in temperature is also responsible for activating feelings of trust and empathy towards others. As explained by many researchers, exposure to physical warmth activates the concept of emotional warmth. This means that when the room temperature is warmer, we are more likely to be happy. And just like a warmer room temperature can help us feel happier, a cooler room temperature can make us feel sad and sometimes even depressed.

If you have any questions or concerns about your own heating and cooling system and its ability to maintain the right room temperature in your home or office, contact the professionals at EasyBreezy A/C Services today at 727-856-4822!


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The Differences Between Manual, Programmable, And Smart Thermostats

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Many people don’t even realize that there are options available to them when it comes to their home’s thermostat. There are actually three main categories that thermostats fall into: manual, programmable, and smart. So, what the differences between each type of thermostat and which one is right for you? EasyBreezy AC have put together all the information you need to know about each type of thermostat, so you can decide which one best meets your needs.

Table Of Content:




A manual thermostat is the oldest and most simple form a thermostat is available in. This is the thermostat that works with you manually telling it how warm or cool you want the temperature to be by rotating the dial (older manual thermostats) or using the up and down arrows (digital manual thermostats) on the thermostat. Once you have set the temperature on this type of thermostat, it will keep your heating or cooling system running to reach and maintain that temperature until you change it.


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A programmable thermostat is your average, right down the middle of the road, thermostat. It is equipped with more features than a manual thermostat, but not as many as a smart thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set different temperature schedules for your heating and cooling system to follow throughout the day. A programmable thermostat allows you to have the control of setting a temperature schedule that makes sense for your lifestyle, and help you keep heating and cooling costs reasonable by using your system efficiently.

Although programmable thermostats do offer more flexibility to control a temperature schedule, it is important to know that it is not necessarily ideal. Depending on the type of programmable thermostat your AC technician have installed, you may only be able to set one schedule that the thermostat follows every day of the week, or one set schedule that works for the weekdays and one for the weekends. Some programmable thermostats also have a limit to the amount of temperatures you can schedule into the program.


A smart thermostat is the top of the line, most technologically advanced type of thermostat, with all the bells and whistles. A smart thermostat not only fixes the problems associated with a manual or programmable thermostat, but also offers many additional features.

A smart thermostat fixes the limitations associated with a programmable thermostat because it allows you to have a completely customized schedule for every day of the week, with as many temperature change periods you want there to be throughout the day. This will help you save even more money than even a programmable thermostat does on heating and cooling costs by allowing you to truly customize the schedule and make sure your heating and cooling system is running as efficiently as possible.

Smart thermostats also are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to use technology such as smartphones, tablets, and computers to remotely monitor and make changes to your heating and cooling system as needed, instead of having to directly interact with the thermostat to program it. The remote control allows you to further control your heating and cooling system by allowing you to make changes to your system’s schedule in real-time as changes in your daily schedule arise.

If you would like professional assistance in installing your new programmable or smart thermostat, or need help understanding how to correctly program and use your thermostat to get the most out of it, contact EasyBreezy AC today so we can discuss options we have available to help you control your home and save money!


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Creative Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your Thermostat

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Although our thermostats are a very important part of our HVAC system, they can certainly be an eye sore in our home. Here we review creative ways to hide or disguise your thermostat that will not affect the ability of the thermostat to do its job. Because the thermostat needs to be able to accurately read the temperature in the room in order to properly regulate the temperature in the home, simply covering the thermostat is not considered a good solution.

EasyBreezy AC describes you some few different options available to disguise your thermostat and hide it in plain sight. The most important key here is making sure that whichever method you choose is still going to leave enough space around your thermostat for the air flow to reach the thermostat properly, so the thermostat will still be able to perform its job.


Table Of Content:
  1. Use a gallery photo wall
  2. Hang a shelf and blend your thermostat in with other items
  3. Hang a canvas or poster
  4. Purchasing A New, More Attractive Thermostat


Use a gallery photo wall to disguise your thermostat

This method could involve using pictures, frames, and décor in a couple different ways. Some people choose to simply add a picture frame around their thermostat to give it a little more character. Others decide to take it a step further by adding other framed pictures, mirrors, and décor around the framed or unframed thermostat to build a gallery wall around it. The gallery wall will help pull the attention toward the décor you want to showcase and away from the unsightly thermostat on the wall.

Hang a shelf and blend your thermostat in with other items on the shelf

Another great option is to place a shelf directly below your thermostat, leaving the appearance that the thermostat is sitting on the shelf. You can choose to leave the thermostat exposed completely on the shelf or cover it slightly by leaning a framed photo or mirror against it. You can also add other decorative items to the shelf such as books, plants, candles, and photos to draw attention away from the thermostat.


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Hang a canvas or poster over your thermostat

This option is the one in which you will be able to completely hide your thermostat all together, however it does take a little more work to ensure that the airflow around the thermostat is not obstructed. If you choose to hang a canvas or poster over your thermostat you will want to attach it to something like a wood block or curtain wire with hooks that will allow the canvas or poster to hang off of the wall, so air can still flow easily behind the canvas or poster and reach the thermostat.

Purchasing A New, More Attractive Thermostat

If you’re willing to spend the money to replace your thermostat then it is possible to simply buy a newer one that is designed to be more attractive. Newer thermostats come with many more high-tech features built in to them such as WiFi and touchscreens, and they are typically designed to be more visually attractive than older designs were. Do not forget to call a trusted AC technician to install you new thermostat.

No matter which option you choose to use, these ideas are all a great starting point for you to get creative and find the way to best blend your thermostat into your home’s regular décor and take it from an unsightly appliance on the wall to a beautiful piece of art in your home!

If these tips helped you, you want more orientation or you want to request a service, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about it!


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How To Beat The Summer Heat With Maximizing Your Air Conditioner’s Performance

With Spring in full force, Summer is now right around the corner and soon we will be turning on our air conditioners for relief from the Summer heat. Our AC systems get put through a lot during the hot and humid Summer months and there are simple maintenance steps we can take beforehand to make sure our AC system is up to the challenge of keeping us cool all Summer long. Now is the ideal time to take a fresh look at our air conditioner and make sure everything is up to date and ready to run full speed when the Summer heat hits.

So what do we need to do to make sure our air conditioner is up for the challenge and ready to perform at its maximum efficiency? Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your AC system comes into the Summer months at it’s best!

Routine Maintenance

It is that time of year. Have you had your routine maintenance done before the Summer? This is the best time of year to get a tune-up and help prevent problems before it gets hot.

Fresh Filtration

We know that it is important to keep up on checking our air filter every few months and making sure we are exchanging it out with a fresh filter to keep our air quality at its best. But during the Summer months our AC system is working much harder than it normally does. One simple thing you can do that will make a big difference in ensuring your air conditioner continues to run at it’s maximum performance all Summer long is to check the air filter and change it out every month during the summer, instead of every couple of months like we do the rest of the year.

As we run our air conditioner more through the long and hot Summer days, dirt and dust builds up on the air filter at a much faster rate than usual, and if we continue to let it build up without switching it out for a clean filter this can lead to slowed performance of our AC system and eventually could require repairs, which no one wants to have to deal with during the hottest time of the year. Keep your air filters fresh by changing them out regularly throughout the Summer and you will be sure to maximize the efficiency of your AC system and help prevent unnecessary slow downs and repairs.

Life’s Hard. Comfort’s Not. Hire Our AC And Heating Services today!



Programmed Performance

While programmable thermostats are not new, there have been significant improvements and changes made to them over the years. There are a lot of things you can do with a well programed thermostat to help reduce your energy costs while maximizing the performance of your air conditioner.

By programming your thermostat to keep the home warmer throughout the day while you are away you can allow your air conditioner to take a well needed break and prepare it to perform at it’s maximum efficiency when you are home and actually need the home to be cool. There’s no reason to keep your home cool all day long and pay increased energy costs if there is no one home to enjoy the benefit of the cooler home.

Keep Windows Covered

Just because we aren’t going to be running our air conditioner while we are away all day long doesn’t mean that the house has to be steaming hot when we return home either. Closing your blinds and keeping curtains pulled shut while you are away will help keep your home cool naturally by increasing the amount of direct sun light and heat that is kept out of the home. Blackout curtains are excellent during the Summer months to help you keep even more heat out of the home throughout the day.

If you leave your window’s blinds and curtains open throughout the day you are just letting unnecessary heat into the home which could cause the air conditioner to turn on and run while you’re not home to experience the benefit of it.

With the use of these simple steps you will surely see a difference in the efficiency of your air conditioner throughout the Summer and enjoy the benefit of lower energy costs than what are normally expected throughout the Summer months.

If these tips helped you, you want more orientation or you want to request a service, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about it!


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