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In today’s fast-growing technological world, the server room/ data center is considered the backbone of daily organizational operations. Server room hosts their databases, network systems, servers, backup hardware and in some large companies, even the communication system is installed as well. All these devices are constantly operating and produce a great amount of heat for which state of the art cooling systems are installed to keep the steady room temperature in order to ensure the proper function of the server room devices. 

In the worst case when cooling system of the server room fails, it could be very costly for the organization if not fixed with in time and it can result in damaging of the hardware installed or even the loss of their precious data. Now when the server room cooling failure occurs there is need to take decisive and swift action.

The right actions in this regard will help the organization keep running longer and also to avoid any further serious failures. In this article, below are few helpful tips that will keep the IT administrators out of a bind if the entire cooling system has a failure.


Table Of Content:
  1. Call A Professional To Fix
  2. Understand And Anticipate Critical Temperature Values
  3. Time To Arrange Portable Cooling System
  4. Turn Off Unnecessary Hardware
  5. Make Arrangements For An Large Fan
  6. Backups And Plan B


  1. Call A Professional To Fix

The first and most important step is to know about your maintenance team. The first call you will make should be to your HVAC engineer at EasyBreezy A/C. Make sure to explain the problem in detail so that all necessary (or possible) parts and tools will be brought along for all possible scenarios and causes.


  1. Understand And Anticipate Critical Temperature Values

You should be familiar with the duration for which server room devices will last before the room temperature reaches its critical values. Perform a heat stress test on your current environment in order to understand and anticipate the time for which your server will last before the critical value of operating temperature.


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  1. Time To Arrange Portable Cooling System

If you are left with only few hours before the critical values are reached, get ready to make use of your portable cooling system if you own one or make arrangements for renting. These financial sacrifices will save you from costly consequences if you can’t get the temperature back down before the data cooling system technician arrives.


  1. Turn Off Unnecessary Hardware

Some types of servers, like development servers or test servers, consume more power and thus produce more heat. Such servers are not required to run during production and can be turned off to reduce heat production. Any other servers or systems that are not important should be shut off to minimize heat production.


  1. Make Arrangements For An Large Fan

If server room temperature rises, approaching critical temperature values, open the doors to the server room and windows, if there are any. Use (by renting or from your company supplies) any kind of fan to help pull the hot air out of the room. The best way to do this is to face the fan in the doorway, facing out so that it is sucking the warm air from behind it and blowing it out of the room.


  1. Backups And Plan B

Last but not the least, when dealing with cooling system failure in your data room or server room is to make sure that you have your backups prepared and maintained ahead of the time. When these backup systems are set up in advance, it will help you to successfully deal with cooling issues without losing any data or downtime.

Finally, if these tips helped you to solve your A/C problem, you want more orientation or you want to request a service, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about it!


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How Cold Should A Server Room Be?

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In the present world if we look around, data is considered the blood of countless businesses and server rooms work as a heart to keep it flowing. This clearly states that server rooms play a vital role in keeping businesses alive in today’s fast-growing world and in order to achieve the desired productivity level a malfunctioning of servers cannot be tolerated.


Why is so important an exact temperature in the server room?

Most commonly when it comes about the server protection first few things that hit our mind are network threats, Spyware, and viruses. However, for a proper functioning of server a there are also considerable cooling requirements, which if not controlled and monitored properly as per required standards; can cause a significant damage to your business productivity.

Moreover, in the worst cases, this can even result in damaging or destroying your valued equipment and data.  Now the question is what are cooling requirements for a server room? How cold should a server room should be? And what causes the increased temperature of server room? Well to answer all those questions, at Easybreezy AC, we are highlighting most commonly practiced industry recommendations.

For businesses that rely on data, there is need of server that is constantly online. Now when the server is constantly online it is continuously producing heat, increasing the temperature of server room, as a result the overall system will overheat. Most high-end system these days have protection system against overheating that shutdown the system when the temperature is too high, but it is not case for all systems. Therefore, to ensure well-maintained temperature of you server room you are in need to take proper precautionary measures.

The simplest and yet often ignored practice is the proper arrangement of your servers to obtain optimum efficiency of air conditioning. In this practice, one must ensure that the cold air enters the front and is ejected through its back. In addition, doors of the server room must be kept closed and in case of the event when your primary air conditioning system stops working, there must be a backup system to keep the things cooled.


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What are the industry standards?

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), keeping the server room temperature between 77 ℉ to 81 ℉ is good for the trouble-free functioning of server room devices.

In addition, it is also needed to maintain relative humidity in server room between 41% to 50 %, otherwise there will be condensation if there is too much moisture.

Server rooms can operate safely between temperature ranging from 64.4 ℉ and 80.6 ℉ based on your needs and location. For IT administrators or service providers located in colder climates, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers states that “Class 1 and 2 equipment shouldn’t operate at temperatures lower than 18 degrees Celsius, which converts to the relatively mild 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The standard for Class 3 and 4 equipment is a bit looser at 5 degrees Celsius, 41 degrees Fahrenheit”.

In short, climate control is the foremost responsibility of server room staff in both cold and hot climates to maintain a steady temperature with a goal to avoid overheating of server room devices, condensation and presence of static charge due to low humidity levels.

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