Simple Air Conditioning Repair Tips

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Air conditioner repairs can be costly, so it is important to maintain the schedule of regular maintenance and annual professional servicing. If your AC unit isn’t performing at its peak, then use this list to troubleshoot your system before calling in a pro for an easy do it yourself air conditioning repair.

  • Replace Your Air Filter

Air filters are supposed to be changed every 1 to 3 months, but this doesn’t always happen, especially if you haven’t discovered the average life of your filter yet. To keep from forgetting, set yourself a reminder to check the filter once a month and if it is dirty, change it. Also, most newer thermostats provide their own notification of when a new filter is needed – much like the oil change reminder on your car.

  • Check Your Thermostat

Thermostats are battery run and over time, batteries die. Your thermostat may need a replacement or it may be that it is just set to the wrong setting. Also pay attention to the humidity setting, outside temperature, and current temperature inside your home. Humidity settings and outdoor temperatures can affect the expected efficiency of your unit and another person in your home could have fidgeted with the settings.

  • Check The Breaker

If your air conditioner won’t turn on and you have already checked your thermostat, check to see if the breaker was flipped. The purpose of a breaker is to prevent too much electricity from being sent to a part of your home or device; this can commonly happen after a storm.

  • Clean Your System

Over time, dust, dirt, debris can build up in and around your air conditioning unit. The evaporator coil, fan blades, condenser fins, and the unit as a whole should be periodically wipes clean of build up or stray debris. Be careful when handling the fans or fins as they can be easily bent and damaged, and make sure the unit is completely off before cleaning.

  • Check Your Ductwork

If you are comfortable, go up into your attic and take a look at your ducts. Inspect for damage and clogged up ducts. Also inspect registers throughout your home to ensure they are all open and free of built up dust.

Finally, if you do not see the problem clearly or none of these tips helped you to clear your doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about it!


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Last modified on December 14th, 2022 at 10:52 am

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