Signs Something May Be Wrong With Your HVAC Unit

All homeowners with central air conditioning units installed need to stay aware of certain performance issues associated with their HVAC systems.  If not, and things begin to deteriorate, something in the system can malfunction or break.  And when that happens, you can expect a costly repair bill.  In many cases the homeowner is basically forced into replacing the entire system and that can cost thousands.

So, the best option a homeowner has is preventative care – knowing what symptoms to listen for, or what to inspect.  Here are six sure-fire signs that an a/c unit needs a tune up.


You might want to consult a certified repair technician if your system is running with a little more noise than usual. How do you know what to listen for?  When noises that occur sound different from the quiet ‘hum’ of a new system, it means something may be breaking down.ç

Energy Bill.

Keep a look out for higher utility bills; systems that are not running properly will push your electric bill up, almost every time it happens. Therefore, you should monitor your bills to see if unusual amounts of electricity are being consumed and the total you’re paying happens to be on the increase.

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No or Low Air Flow

You should be concerned if your vents are delivering a weak flow of air. The air might feel cool, near the vent, but when you pull your hand further away it seems as if the air barely leaves the vent or supply.  A tune up can both reveal the problem and enable the proper repair, to restore air flow to a healthy level.

Shuts Off

Be aware if your system happens to run in spurts. Usually, this symptom seems like the system turns on for a few minutes, or even seconds, then shuts off again.  If this is occurring, your system will suffer from greater wear and tear.  The condition should be inspected by a qualified technician and dealt with.


A fifth problem to look out for is simple to spot: look for anything resembling a leak on your outdoor component. This might reveal a blocked or a broken drainage tube.  One result that may develop, if left unattended, is the growth of mold around the leakage area.  An A/C repair professional can fix this problem with relative ease.


Sniff, occasionally, for strange odors that can occur. A musty scent can indicate mold somewhere within the system.  A burning odor can indicate some wire insulation has burned out.  Scheduling a tune-up can help rid your system of these kinds of odors.

It is important to schedule routine maintenance at least once a year for your air conditioning unit. If your system has not received a tune-up or maintenance outside of changing the air filter in the last 12-18 months, then its time to give the pros at EasyBreezy A/C a call. Losing track of time and maintenance schedules can happen; everyone has a busy schedule and usually, it isn’t until the system breaks down that anyone remembers its there.


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Last modified on December 12th, 2022 at 3:55 pm

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