What Does The SEER Rating Mean?

When searching for a new air conditioner, you will see the several numbers and various information listed. This information provides an overview of the unit’s performance. One piece of information of vital importance is the unit’s SEER rating, but what does SEER mean and what do you do with it?

SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is a number, typically 8 through 23, that describes the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Higher SEER rating means higher efficiency and lower energy costs; and vice versa.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency (SEER) is an indicator of the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. SEER values ​​allow consumers to compare different cooling systems and operational cost efficiencies.

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What is the good qualification for SEER rating?

When you buy a new air conditioner, you probably want to know which ratings are good for you and your home. The industry minimum for new air conditioning units is a 13 SEER rating, which gives the buyer at minimal energy efficiency rating that is allowed to be installed for residential use. On average, most homeowners prefer (and most AC repair and installation companies recommend) a unit with values ​​ranging from 16 to 18 SEER.

What qualifies as a “good” SEER rating may also depend on where you live. Higher SEER rated units are more common in the south (16 to 18), while the North tends to sick in the 13 to 15 SEER range.


The role of SEER rating when purchasing new air-conditioning units

As previously mentioned, the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient it is. Higher SEER ratings can also be reflected in the price. More energy efficient models may also come with a high price tag than lower SEER rated models.

High-efficiency units do have a better environmental impact. Units with a rating over 16 SEER works better with a lot less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and wasting precious fossil fuels.

An important advantage of higher performance air conditioning systems, which is not well known, is that they work much better in maintaining high-quality, low-humidity air. High-performance systems can more effectively remove residual moisture in your home and keep your home a cool and comfortable place to be.

To determine which SEER rating is best for you and your home, you have to consider your long-term expectations from your new air conditioner. Do you want to save more now, or would you prefer to save a little bit each month on your energy bill (and help the environment in the process)? Do you prefer your home at cooler temperatures or do you have a preference for humidity levels? Consider all of your needs before making the decision, and of course, if you still aren’t sure, you can always ask our knowledgeable staff to help you make the choice.

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Last modified on December 14th, 2022 at 10:39 am

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