How To Reduce Your Commercial Air Conditioning Costs

EasyBreezy A/C provides air conditioning repair and installment for businesses in the New Port Richey area in addition to residential areas. Business have a responsibility to keep their employees comfortable and productive and a goal to attract customers. In the Florida heat, air conditioning plays a large role and can be a large cost for business owners. To keep your air conditioning costs in check, you should focus on your system’s efficiency and your business’s indoor temperature and humidity levels.


The efficiency of your company’s HVAC system has a large effect on your cooling bill. If your system is working harder than it should to produce optimal results, then it is unnecessarily driving up your company’s costs. Poor efficiency is an indicator of several possibilities; dirty air filter, clogged ducts, low refrigerant, or you may have too small or too old of a unit to keep up with the cooling demands of your company. Have your system maintanenced at least once a year to ensure optimal HVAC efficiency.

Indoor Temperature

If your office runs on the traditional 8am to 5pm block, use a programmable thermostat to ensure that the air conditioner is only running when someone is there to enjoy it. Just like you do at home, program your HVAC unit to the desired temperature for working hours and set the thermostat to a higher temperature (or lower in the winter) when no one is in the office. If your business has certain rooms or even floors that have their own thermostat, set the temperature higher than the rest of the building to reduce blowing cool air in a room that never gets any use.


Floridians understand humidity all too well and the discomfort it can cause the moment you step foot outdoors. Humidity can affect how someone interprets the temperature; this goes for indoors as well. If a room is too humid, it will feel warmer than it actual is and a room that is too dry will give the impression that it is much cooler than reality. Many thermostats these days include a humidity setting that can be adjusted to keep your office at the perfect condition.

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