It’s Not Too Late For A Furnace Tune Up

Although we live in Florida, we are still subjected to some cold weather, even if it doesn’t stay for long. That means at some point, many of us will be turning on our furnaces for heating up our homes on the extra cold nights. Since your furnace sits for a long period without any use, it is important to schedule a maintenance check to ensure it is in working order before you really need to rely on it.

It’s only starting to get into the cooler months now for us Floridians, but Winter IS Coming, so be prepared! Don’t skip a tune up because you think it may not be necessary or too late in the season. Even if you have already used your furnace this year and it worked fine, it is still a good idea to have it checked if you haven’t yet. Sporadic use of your furnace can lead to failure, leaving you freezing when the next cold wave hits.


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Furnaces Need Checkups Too

Like your air conditioner, a furnace needs an annual “checkup”. Moving parts wear down and lack of use can stiffen parts. An annual checkup can prevent failure or help you learn about parts that need to be replace before they break down on you.

During your furnace checkup, our HVAC technicians perform a thorough inspection, cleaning, and tune up.  This may include cleaning out your blower to ensure optimal air flow, or cleaning of the coils for proper heating.

Why Servicing Your Furnace Is Important?

  • Depending on when you bought your furnace, an annual tune up may help to keep it under warranty.
  • Tune ups help to prevent the furnace from breaking down when you need it the most. Nothing worse than no heat in January!
  • A machine like your furnace will run more efficiently when it has been taken care of. Clean coils, well lubricated gears, all help to keep the furnace running and running well.
  • It’s a good chance to check that the furnace is not out dated or undersized. When a furnace is struggling to warm your home, your energy bill can skyrocket! An undersized unit can easily run your bill over $500 because it is always running.

Finally, if you want more orientation or you want to request a service, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about it!


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Last modified on December 14th, 2022 at 10:43 am

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