Should I Leave My Doors Open Or Closed When Running The AC?

A common myth relating to air conditioning, is that if you close all interior doors of your home that your home will cool faster and stay cooler longer. It has been a long standing myth but in reality, the facts have become twisted.

In one sense, closing the door to a room can be beneficial when you don’t need airflow to that particular area of the house. However, it won’t necessary make your system run more efficiently, especially if the vents are left open in these rooms. For most Floridians, their air conditioning system is a central air system, which, in order to run efficiently, needs balance between the air it takes in and the air it pushes out.


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If you wish to maximize positive air flow throughout your home and feed the system the proper quantity of air it needs, doors should remain open.  In fact, closing some or all the doors to your rooms can actually cost you more.  The reasons for this unwanted results is basic: modern a/c systems are designed to work with balance.  If intake is starved because of a closed door, airflow throughout the home is affected, and it proves to be taxing on your entire system.

Without trying to get overly scientific, when you close off a room, the air that’s still blowing out of the vent builds up in that room, pressurizing it. Meanwhile, the system’s return duct must make an extra effort to pull in enough air to cool the entire house. Simply stated, the closed doors end up starving the flow of air needed to create healthy balance for the system.  

Not only will closing your doors force the system to work harder and possibly cause damage to it, but your indoor air quality will deteriorate also.  At the very least, disrupting the flow of air causes the a/c unit to work harder to compensate for imbalance of air pressure throughout the house.

No doubt, our lives are filled with busy routines.  It may seem that going through your living spaces and opening doors will add a few more minutes to our (often) frantic leaving-the-house routine.  Yet once this healthy habit is established, the inconvenience of it should steadily decrease.  And you will rest easier knowing you’re helping your a/c system to function more efficiently.

Here’s the essential point: This unhealthy imbalance of air caused by closed doors may lead to a costly outcome for the homeowner. If a resident takes just a few minutes to make sure air can be shared from room to room, and with little resistance or obstruction, it can result in considerable savings and will ensure the system benefits from a healthy airflow throughout the home.

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Last modified on December 12th, 2022 at 3:54 pm

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