How To Beat The Summer Heat With Maximizing Your Air Conditioner’s Performance

With Spring in full force, Summer is now right around the corner and soon we will be turning on our air conditioners for relief from the Summer heat. Our AC systems get put through a lot during the hot and humid Summer months and there are simple maintenance steps we can take beforehand to make sure our AC system is up to the challenge of keeping us cool all Summer long. Now is the ideal time to take a fresh look at our air conditioner and make sure everything is up to date and ready to run full speed when the Summer heat hits.

So what do we need to do to make sure our air conditioner is up for the challenge and ready to perform at its maximum efficiency? Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your AC system comes into the Summer months at it’s best!

Routine Maintenance

It is that time of year. Have you had your routine maintenance done before the Summer? This is the best time of year to get a tune-up and help prevent problems before it gets hot.

Fresh Filtration

We know that it is important to keep up on checking our air filter every few months and making sure we are exchanging it out with a fresh filter to keep our air quality at its best. But during the Summer months our AC system is working much harder than it normally does. One simple thing you can do that will make a big difference in ensuring your air conditioner continues to run at it’s maximum performance all Summer long is to check the air filter and change it out every month during the summer, instead of every couple of months like we do the rest of the year.

As we run our air conditioner more through the long and hot Summer days, dirt and dust builds up on the air filter at a much faster rate than usual, and if we continue to let it build up without switching it out for a clean filter this can lead to slowed performance of our AC system and eventually could require repairs, which no one wants to have to deal with during the hottest time of the year. Keep your air filters fresh by changing them out regularly throughout the Summer and you will be sure to maximize the efficiency of your AC system and help prevent unnecessary slow downs and repairs.

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Programmed Performance

While programmable thermostats are not new, there have been significant improvements and changes made to them over the years. There are a lot of things you can do with a well programed thermostat to help reduce your energy costs while maximizing the performance of your air conditioner.

By programming your thermostat to keep the home warmer throughout the day while you are away you can allow your air conditioner to take a well needed break and prepare it to perform at it’s maximum efficiency when you are home and actually need the home to be cool. There’s no reason to keep your home cool all day long and pay increased energy costs if there is no one home to enjoy the benefit of the cooler home.

Keep Windows Covered

Just because we aren’t going to be running our air conditioner while we are away all day long doesn’t mean that the house has to be steaming hot when we return home either. Closing your blinds and keeping curtains pulled shut while you are away will help keep your home cool naturally by increasing the amount of direct sun light and heat that is kept out of the home. Blackout curtains are excellent during the Summer months to help you keep even more heat out of the home throughout the day.

If you leave your window’s blinds and curtains open throughout the day you are just letting unnecessary heat into the home which could cause the air conditioner to turn on and run while you’re not home to experience the benefit of it.

With the use of these simple steps you will surely see a difference in the efficiency of your air conditioner throughout the Summer and enjoy the benefit of lower energy costs than what are normally expected throughout the Summer months.

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Last modified on December 7th, 2022 at 2:26 pm

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