How Interior Paint Colors Affect Your Energy Savings

When you were a teenager and wanted to paint your room tie die or black to match the new album cover you got for Christmas, the idea probably didn’t sit well with your parents. But now you’re a homeowner and anything goes when it comes to color choice. But you might want to reconsider the colors you choose based on how they will impact your energy costs.  

How Dark Paint Colors Make A Room Warmer

If you paint a room that has no windows a dark color, then it is very possible it will cost you no more in terms of your cooling costs. However, dark colors do tend to make a room feel smaller, so they are rarely chosen for rooms that don’t have at least a few windows in them. When you paint a room with one or two windows in it a dark color, the light from the sun will absorb into the room more than it would with a lighter color, making the overall temperature of the room warmer and requiring your HVAC system to work harder to properly cool that room.

What To Do To Cut Down Energy Costs In A Dark Room

If you do have a room in your home that you want to paint with dark colors, there are a couple things you can consider doing to help cut down on energy costs to cool that room. The first suggestion we have is to paint only one accent wall in the room with the darker color of your choosing and paint the remaining walls in the room with a very light color. Alternatively, if you do decide to paint all the walls the same dark color, you should make sure you cover all the windows in the room with heavy curtains that will reflect the light from the sun back out of the room. While this will make the room feel smaller and more closed in, it will also help cut back on the cost of cooling the room.      Regular maintenance will help as well.      Call EasyBreezy AC to discuss a regular maintenance schedule with one of our certified technicians!

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