My Air Conditioner Is Making A Strange Noise? What Does It Mean?

As with anything you own, a strange sound usually means that something is wrong and this is no different if your air conditioner is making a buzzing, clanking, or banging sound. It is important to identify first what the sound could be and if it is possible for you to fix it yourself or if it will need the attention of a professional.

Here are commonly reported sounds and what they may mean.

  1. Banging, Clanking, Rattling

In most cases, a banging, clanking, or rattling sound coming from your air conditioner means that a part has come loose. Sometimes these parts can easily be reattached or tightened to stop the noise. In other cases, the banging sound is due to something more severe such as an unbalanced blower or the compressor needs replacing.

  1. Buzzing

A buzzing sound is also usually a simple do it yourself problem such as loose screws, debris vibrating against the sides of the unit, loose fan blades, air filter needs replaced, or condenser coil needs cleaning.

  1. Clicking

When your system first starts up you may hear some clicking that goes away – this is normal. However, if the clicking is constant then there may be an issue with one of the electrical components of your air conditioner or thermostat.

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  1. Squealing

Some parts of your air conditioner such as the indoor blower motor, outdoor fans, or the blower wheel will squeal when it gets close or even past the time to replace them.

  1. Screaming

Screaming is a clear sign of something majorly wrong. If your unit ever makes this sound, you should shut it off immediately and call a professional to help repair your air conditioner. A refrigerant leak may cause the screaming sound as could high internal pressure in your compressor.

  1. Humming

Typically, a low humming sound is a typical sound made by your air conditioning unit. If the humming sounds differently than normal, then it may be an indication that something is wrong. Also, if the unit is humming but air is not blowing then something may be wrong with the compressor or motor.

Finally, if your air conditioner is making a strange noise, be sure to turn off the unit completely before investigating the cause or attempting any self-repairs. If your search comes up incomplete and you are unable to locate the source of the noise, or perhaps you’d rather let a pro handle it, contact EasyBreezy A/C and we will send one of our on-call experts to your rescue.


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Last modified on December 15th, 2022 at 9:39 am

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