5 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality


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In case you were not aware of all the factors that go into improving air quality within a home, the following methods should help homeowners get started in changing their air space for the better:

  1. One sure way to improve overall air quality in your home is by going over all carpeted areas with a specific kind of vacuum cleaner. To do the job, you should only use certain vacuums that include a HEPA filter.  These filters are specially built to remove allergens from the air.  Removing dust mites, mold and pet dander are objectives you need to consider.  A HEPA filter included on many modern vacuum models will help rid the air in your house of these health-threatening conditions.  Almost every house has some, if not all, of these threats being absorbed into the carpet, daily.

  3. Another proven tactic is to remove the substances just mentioned as they exist on your hard surfaces, such as a tile floor. Mopping the surface with a good germ-killing agent is highly recommended.  Be sure to follow instructions so the agent you choose blends with the right amount of water to achieve maximum benefit.

  5. Many homeowners tend to underestimate this next tip: door mats. So many substances – friendly and unfriendly – are constantly tracked into a home.  Place a small rug at the doorway of each room to catch the majority of what sticks to the bottom of shoes so routinely.  Of course, the best area you can drop one of those mats is directly outside, and even inside, your front door.  Consequently, every door that provides passage to the outside should receive these mats. Time along with quick research reveal they truly make a difference in catching and trapping allergens before they shed somewhere else inside the house.

  7. Obviously, homeowners should not neglect the role the a/c system plays in affecting overall air quality. Specifically, the air intake filters need to be changed regularly.  You will need to measure the framework of the intake area -usually a rectangle in shape -so you can purchase the correct sized filter.  In a two- story home there may be an intake area upstairs and another one somewhere on the first floor.  Often, they are different in size, so you’ll need to measure both air supply areas.  On average, you should change these filters once every 90 days.  If you own a pet or several, subtract 30 days for each pet, that is, if those pets are regularly lounging inside the home. All of these filter insertions can easily be done by hand, no tools necessary, and no outside expertise is required.

  9. Finally, you should target a healthy level of humidity and strive to maintain it. Dehumidifiers are the obvious choice for accomplishing this; however, most air conditioning products are fully capable of lowering the humidity level throughout your home.  You may only need to adjust air flow in the different room vents to direct more air to certain areas and less to others.  For instance, if you have children constantly going through a front door adjacent to your living room, and the humidity outside is quite high, you probably just need to open vents to the living area more widely.  At the same time, you may want to direct less air to those rooms located more toward the interior of the house.  Cooking, or producing warmer air in the kitchen, often drives humidity from that space.  This air can be transported, via fan, to other areas as well.Ceiling fans are yet another way, through moving air, to lower humidity. Keeping humidity levels lower helps you breath easier and is better for your lungs.  You should try and keep your air’s humidity to about 30 to 50 percent.  That will help to keep allergens, dust mites and mold under control.

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Last modified on December 12th, 2022 at 4:19 pm

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