5 Helpful Tips to Maintaining Your HVAC System

Performing general maintenance on your HVAC system is important to avoid major repair and it can extend the life of your system. Proper maintenance can even help you save on your energy bill. Here are a few maintenance tips you can do yourself to help you keep your system functioning properly.

  • Replace air filters

Disposable air filters should be replaced and reusable filters should be cleaned at least every three months or sooner if you run your AC more often or have pets. Check on them monthly to make sure they are not clogged up. A clean filter will prevent your system from overworking.

  • Keep vents clear

Ensure that return and supply vents are not blocked or covered as reduced airflow can actually make your system work harder to heat or cool.

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  • Keep your outdoor unit clean

Debris and dirt can prevent your outdoor unit from functioning properly. Be sure leaves, twigs and other debris are not trapped in or around your unit. Dirt, pollen, and other particles can stick to the fan and should be carefully removed. The fans can be easily damaged but need to be clean to work properly.

  • Check your thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat check the settings to make sure that it is programmed correctly. Setting the temperature higher while you are away for more than 8 hours can actually help save you in energy costs.

  • Keep your condensation line clear

Air conditioners release moisture and moisture attracts mildew, algae, and mold so be sure to check the pipes the bring water from your unit to the outside. The growth can clog the lines and should be removed about every 6 months. You can treat the algae, mildrew, or mold with half a gallon of vinegar.

Although following these tip will keep your HVAC running as it should, it is still recommended to have regularly scheduled annual maintenance from an HVAC specialist to help keep your ac tuned up at a higher level than you can do at home. We offer two maintenance programs that will keep your AC system running smoothly all year round. Give us a call  to schedule for a maintenance tune up or sign up for one our our HVAC maintenance plans.


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Last modified on December 15th, 2022 at 9:41 am

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